The Marxist Pontiff

The priest-worker movement, which had led to the rise of the Communist Party in Italy, had been swelled by Paul VI’s edict 'Populorum Progresso' in the 1960s


'every man a fair share'.

The effort had been led by Cardinal Giacomo Violardo in the south and Cardinal Albino Luciani in the north, under the direction of Paul's closest friend in the secular world, Aldo Moro.

It was not in the  interests of the United States to have a communist country sitting in the mid of Europe. Particularly, as Spain and other European nations were trending in the same direction.

On the morning Moro was scheduled to place communist ministers into control of Parliament, he was kidnapped and  subsequently murdered. Google Wikipedia

On the same morning, Cardinal Violardo was found dead in a darkened stairwell in a remote corner of the Vatican Bank. The Vatican reported he had obviously slipped over the balcony rail sometime the evening before...   Google Wikipedia


John Paul I

A few weeks after the Violardo-Moro murders, the 3rd man responsible for the rise of the Communist Party in Italy - Albino Luciani - became John Paul I.

The most likely scenario for his murder came from the other side of the ocean

When President Carter cut off aid to the ruthless dictator Somoza in Nicaragua, it became obvious the new Pope would support the Marxist-Sandinista takeover of that country.  If that happened, there was growing expectation the ideology  'every man a fair share', would spread to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and all of Central America. The United States would soon be looking at a half-dozen mini-Cubas in its backyard.

Henry Kissinger sounded the alarm:

"Domination by Moscow is not the issue. Communist control of Central America and Europe is the issue. It would have terrible consequences for the Untied States. It is the number one threat to its national security and must be dealt with accordingly."

When the man, tabbed by the CIA as the  'Marxist Pontiff', moved to lead the upcoming  Puebla Conference in the theme 'every man a fair share', the CIA conspired with right wing factions in the Church to replace him with a pro-American Pope who would bring an end to Marxism in Italy and crush the revolution of the poor in Central America.

John Paul II

Immediately on becoming Pope, John Paul II began raising hundreds of millions of dollars  through Banco Ambrosiano and sending it to Somoza and the CONTRAS to crush the revolution of the poor (see Vatican Bank tab). He attended the Puebla Conference where he demolished the idea of 'every man a fair  share'. He followed it up, by touring Central America,  instructing his 'sheep' to oppose the rebels and the revolution failed, returning the isthmus to the poverty which persists today.

The Italian Communist Party, which had been looking at overwhelming majority control of Parliament under Moro's 'Historic Compromise' in 1978, was reduced to a minority party and ultimate dissolution under John Paul II.

The contrast between these two men is best  demonstrated  by their roles in World War II.

Albino Luciani - John Paul I - in the soft cap of the Italan Resistance

Karol Wojtyla - John Paul II - in the role of Adolf Hitler in a romantic  satire, entertaining Nazi officers at an IG Farben chemical plant annexing an Auschwitz extermination camp.

Note: Lucien Gregoire made the acquaintance of Albino Luciani when - as a NATO Intelligence Officer - he investigated the bishop's involvement in the priest-worker movement in northern Italy in the 1960s.